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Apr. 20th, 2007

03:26 pm - Cin. Enquirer

I visted the Cinncinatti Enquirer websight and I found it to be very imformational. I did not read any specific articles, however I surfed the different pages for about a good ten minutes. I particularly liked how professional everything was, and how the Enquirer has such a wide range of news topics.

I also like how you could personalize the websight by getting weather reports of specific areas, and even tools such as live traffic reports. There are bussiness searches and and other tools as well that are very helpful. Again the websight is very informational and professional.

03:17 pm - NPR - Gonzales

I visited NPR.org and read an article about protestors against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. This past Thursday there was a day-long hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. After questioning about what led to the firings of eight U.S. attorneys last year, both Democrats and Republicans said they had lost confidence in the attorney general and his handling of the department.

"I never sought to mislead or deceive the Congress or the American people," Gonzales said. But other angry protestors disagreed. People had blowup images of his face on tall sticks and signs that said resign in big bold letters. We will see what comes of this in the immediate future when the comittee reaches their decision.

Aside from this story, the websight itself is pretty informative. There are a variety of links which pertain to particular subject matters. I will visit this sight again because I think it is a good educational news source.

03:05 pm - SI on Campus

I recently read an article in SI on Campus and I enjoyed it. I read a particular article about Greg Oden,. who is a member of The Ohio State University's basketball team which recently lost the 2007 National Championship. Oden, who turned 19 on January 22, is a 7 foot athletic specimen. He was the High School player of the year two years and a row, and after one year at Ohio State, he looks forward to entering into the NBA.

The article went into detail about The NBA's new trule as well. Today, a basketball player can no longer enter the NBA directly from high school. The rule further states that individuals must play atleast one year of college basketball. If this rule had not been implicated, Oden would have never even gone to college.

The idea of making these kids go to college for atleast one year has truly strengthened the NBA. It seems to be a lot more competitive, and a lot more passionate because the best of the best can all be on the court at the same time.

Apr. 16th, 2007

02:06 pm - Two Towns of Jasper

This documentary takes a inside look at specific families as well as individuals all surrounding the brutal murder of an African-American. The very real an up close camera interviews provide a great dynamic to the story. The camera crew follows murders, affected families, and the crowds that follow them. The use of the video provides a dynamic to journalism that is important. The emotions and intensity of the mass crowds can not be put in words as well as actuall footage can.

The documentary itself was both compelling as well as disturbing. It wasn't necessarilly unbearable to watch, however the mind set and actions of these murderers would cause anyone to feel a bit uneasy. The documentary was also very consistent in their prejudices. It would be unfair to say that any of the people were coached to act in a certain way. Further, the real life events that took place are actual fact, and therefore things can't be twisted like doumentaries of today. The ability of the documentary to interview all sides of the object, gave the audience a variety of opinions which they can then use to base their own judgements. Due to this great over all coverage, i found the film to be compelling. It urged me to take a stance on the issues at hand, and quite honestly, eager to watch the story unfold.

The documentary was also unique in that this brutal crime was commited just a short while ago. It was eye-opening to learn that these hate crimes were commited so recent. Two Towns of Jasper was a intriguing, yet educational.

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Jan. 29th, 2007

01:53 pm - The Daily Show with John Stewart

The Daily Show is pretty entertaining. Entertaining is probably its great attribute. This entertaining aspect plays large role in spicing up political news. John Stewart also provides comic relief which indicates his own personal beliefs. His views, although not always bluntly stated, are typically implied by Stewart's way with words.

I believe that the youth of our nation would rather watch John Stewart deliver their news, then they would Dan Rather. I have formed this belief because of the creativity of the Daily Show. Seeing that as a whole, the youth of america is less interested in politics than middle aged americans, younger people find more interest in the Daily Show. The Daily Show isn't as serious as prime time news channels. I think even Stewart would agree with me.

Stewart's take on political news is surely slanted to the left, but the substance delivered seems to be consistent with reality. He typically delivers real news, and then gives his audience comic relief. He also typically mocks out conservatives and policies that are addressed. I think that watching the Daily Show is a good idea for anybody. You may not have to agree with Stewart, but evaluating his stances and view points can only give you strong and well balanced mindset when approaching political information.

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Jan. 21st, 2007

02:43 pm - Arianna Huffington Review

     Arianna Huffington has a unique ability to maintain the reader’s attention. The text was very descriptive and informational. I specifically enjoyed her constructive, yet blunt criticism to the American Government. Being interested in politics, I was impressed with her ability to persuade her audience.

     Arianna Huffington’s credibility appears to be very solid. From writing various political books, to creating a popular and rising web sight, Huffington proves to be creative and business savvy. The web sight she co-found, The Huffington Post,  produces a plethera of stories every single day. I could not even make an estimate to be truthful. There have been over 15 posts this hour by various individuals who I assume have a position within the online community. The information delivered on the web sight appears to coincide with reality; however, many of the writers drop their opinions quite often. Arianna Huffington does this in a way by using governmental slang words such as, “GOP”. When President Bush provides “Fundamental Elements”, she counter attacks him with “Fundamental Reactions”. Her unique style kept me attentive. Weather I agreed with her ideas or not, her opinions were presented in a way atypical to political columnists. Most columns, blogs, and even articles concerning politics tend to be drawn out and a bit more censored. Huffington’s delivered swiftly with a lot of detail.

     Arianna Huffington appears to dislike the Republicans. She also seems to disagree with the conservatives. I’m not entirely convinced she’s a straight liberal, and in the articles that I have read, she has not declared praise to the Democrats. I think she has a lot of good things to say, however, there are areas in which I disagree with her. Some of her intense criticism and harsh words make me a bit uneasy. I believe that her emotions play a large role in her writing. I’m not convinced that is the best way to deliver op blogs, because most will either love you or hate you. A bit more grounded and humble approach to politics is viewed as more professional to me. She has done noting but great things however, so I would imagine she will continue to prosper.

     I will be checking this web sight every now and then. I saved it as a favorite, so it’s basically just one click away. Arianna Huffington’s creative ideas even serve as a great tool in critical thinking. They allow me to think differently, yet independently.

                                                                                                                                                                     Matty Lobe

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